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prostate milking

If you ever heard about male multiple orgasm, then here what it's all about. Learn how to turn your man nuts.



male prostate milking


what Is prostate milking?

Prostate milking is a procedure involving the prostate gland. Women don�t have a prostate gland, so this is strictly for the benefit of the man and perhaps a willing partner if they are so inclined to accompany the male in the success of the milking massage. The prostate gland is located just a few inches inside of the anus. It�s general location could be described as laying between the anus and the scrotum, but on the inside of the body.

The prostate milking massage occurs by stroking the area on and around the prostate gland. This is done to relieve build up without the recipient actually having any penis stimulation. A Prostate Massage and Prostate Milking are virtually the same thing. They include the same type of physical contact. The terms differ from one community to the next.

Prostate milking is done for a few different reasons, but the main basis for this is sexual pleasure. You see, the male can have an extraordinarily powerful orgasm that stems exclusively from his prostate area. This can be accomplished more than once per session, allowing men to participate in the multi orgasm sensation that so many women have spoken of.



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prostate milking massage

Prostate milking can be a touchy subject for some because it is dealing with the anus. Some men do not want to milk the prostate because they feel it is too much trouble, or not for them. The prostate can be milked alone, not requiring any assistance from a partner. There are hundreds of handy gadgets to make the prostate milking massage easy to complete by ones self.

Milking of the prostate can be achieved by simply placing the index finger into the anus, however, the prostate gland can be properly milked from outside of the body just by placing gentle massaging strokes in the area between the anus and the scrotum. But for the real deal and the most sensational orgasm that can come with a prostate massage, you really should consider manipulating things on the inside.

You should not press too hard. Stick your finger in slowly and curve it downwards towards the scrotum area as if you are gesturing somebody to come here. Imagine that you are aiming behind your belly button area. Feel your away around until you find the prostate gland. You will be able to recognize this when you feel a small roundish (about the size of a walnut) spot with your finger(s). Massage this area around the gland. After only a few seconds you will be able to figure out which strokes are most desirable.

Always be gentle because this is an area of membranes which can be damaged or torn if you are too rough. Make sure your nails are trimmed and filed smooth, or consider wearing some type of protection on your hand (glove, condom).

The orgasm and benefits that come from milking the prostate should definitely out weigh any inhibitions one might have about touching the inside of the anus. Climax from the prostate does not require the penis to be stroked so this can be manipulated easily by ones self.


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