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   t e s t i c l e s 

  n i p p l e s 

  p e n i s 

  m a l e   a n u s 

  m a s t u r b a t i o n 

 o r g a s m 


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cum control



male orgasm control



orgasm of alpha male




control your orgasm or the orgasm of your partner


Controlling of your orgasm can bring even more joy in your sex life. Either for your self or your partner. Read more below.




male orgasm control

Orgasm control, also known as "cum control", is defined here as a set of sexual techniques involving an active partner (or giver) taking control over a passive partner's (or receiver's) orgasm, or one person taking more control over their own orgasm. In one context it is called "slow masturbation, however any method of stimulation (such as manual, oral, sex toys or intercourse) can be used by the active partner.

The giver will give stimulation to the receiver (or to himself), gradually bringing them up to the point very high in the plateau phase where an orgasm is actually building, and will then reduce the level of stimulation just below that needed to trigger the orgasm. By carefully varying the intensity of stimulation, the receiver is held in this highly-aroused state near orgasm. This process may be repeated as desired, but repetition can cause the urge to orgasm to become overwhelming. When the giver eventually provides the receiver with enough stimulation to achieve an orgasm, it may be stronger than usual due to the increased tension and arousal that builds up during the extended stimulation.

The aim of orgasm control is to prolong the powerful sexual sensations that occur during the final build-up to orgasm. The physical demands of being kept in this highly-excited state for an extended time can induce a very pleasurable, almost euphoric state in the receiver. Similar techniques may be used in expanded orgasm, orgasmic meditation, deliberate orgasm, Extended Massive Orgasm, and other techniques for delaying ejaculation in men and also for intensifying orgasm in both men and women.


orgasm control in gay BDSM sessions

Orgasm control is quite often used as on of gay BDSM scene. The master controlling the orgasm of the submissive or slave. The following example gives you an impression:

The master ties his sub or slave up, and takes over total control over his sub. With various stimulation the master brings the slave to the point of a starting orgasm. But the slave is not allowed to ejaculate. To fulfil this order the slave has the possibility to ask for FIST. Fist means the master pulls his fist into the slaves balls in order to prevent forbidden slave ejaculation. 


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