m a l e 


 t e s t i c l e s   


h o m e  

 m e n s   s e x   o r g a n s 

e r o g e n o u s   z o n e s 

   t e s t i c l e s 


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  n i p p l e s 

  p e n i s 

  m a l e   a n u s 

  m a s t u r b a t i o n 

 o r g a s m 

g e n i t a l   h a i r 

  s a f e r   s e x  t i p s 

  M u s c l e b e a r Model 

  p h o to g r a p h e r 

b e a r  m e n  l i n k s 

b e a r m a s t e r 





  h o m e     

male testicles



men's  sexual organs

male testicles



male scrotum, man balls



what kind of  feeling do you have regarding your testicles?

have u ever enjoyed to work your testicles over?

testicles are the most sensitive part of  a man!

most man know there cock or arse  

but not their testicles!

want to know more?

read below.....


discover an other source of joy of your body


learn more about your balls, testicles, scrotum, ball sac



first relax !

you always though your balls are very sensitive and you have to prevent any action on your testicles, because you where afraid that action on your balls hurts?


OK then, let me show you that your nuts are not only producing sperm..... they give you a lot of pleasure.


So open your jeans, get your balls out and get your left hand around your ball sac. Squeeze it a little and start to pull your testicles slowly. RELAX and increase the pull slowly.

So how dose that feel?


Don't tell me that it hurts, it feels good. You are alone and old enough to explore your own body aren't you?


So increase the pull at your balls slowly, it still has to feel exciting. 

Increase the poll and get carefully to the point where it start to hurt. So stop here and and hold the pull until your are relaxed and enjoying the pull at your balls.


Ok you are ready for some more experiences.

Try the testicles pull with your friend (s) and your will find out that most man enjoy to play with their testicles !

So what you just enjoyed is part of CBT. Keep cool now! 

CBT stand for Cock and Ball Torture..... don't be afraid of the word torture! and read more here




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men testicles