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male masturbation technique


the full fist grip


The most basic and common male masturbation technique is to simply grip the penis with a loose fist and then to move the hand up and down the shaft. This simple type of stimulation is usually all that is required to achieve a basic sexual climax and ejaculation. The objective is to create gentle friction that stimulates the sensitive nerves on the glans (top) of the penis, which causes a sensation of pleasure.

The "Full Fist" masturbation illustration (shown below) displays how all the fingers and thumb may be wrapped around the penis. However, the masturbator may choose to use only certain fingers. The up and down motion can be used at any comfortable speed during masturbation. The speed may vary according to the pleasure responses the masturbator feels during the session. Moving faster when approaching orgasm is common.

If the penis is uncircumcised, the masturbator can pump the skin up and down to cause it to glide across the shaft and the glans. If the penis is circumcised, lubrication may be required if the friction from masturbation causes discomfort.

Tip - The "Stop-and-Go" - Many men like to stop for a moment and then start again to prolong the masturbating session. In addition to stopping and starting, squeezing the penis to cause the erection to subside a little bit during the stop period can also add to the time before orgasm.

the thumb- forefinger


Another basic male masturbation technique using only the thumb and forefinger. Place just the index finger and thumb around the penis about halfway along the shaft and then move the skin up and down.

Variation - Place the fingers and thumb on the penis in a position like playing a flute, and then massage the penis with the fingers.

This method is particularly helpful if you don't like to use a lot of lubrication or if your penis is sensitive.

the mushroom masturbation method

LUBRICATION = recommended
DIFFICULTY = intermediate

This masturbating method will allow intense stimulation to the head of the penis.

The hands are held in such a way that one hand would be like the top of a mushroom while the other hand would be like the stalk. Rub the top hand in a circular motion over the head.

the campfire masturbation method


DIFFICULTY = intermediate
LUBRICATION = recommended

This method is named for the imitation of how a stick can be used to start a campfire from the friction of rubbing sticks together. Just place the penis between both hands and move hands back and forth. It is good to begin this method before the penis is fully erect because it will allow the glans to roll between the hands. It causes intense stimulation and friction, so lubrication is recommended.

WARNING - If flatulence occurs, bodily gases and bowel vapors may ignite.
This particular type of combustion can cause catastrophic damage to your home and your community.


jerking off the penis shaft

DIFFICULTY = takes practice and patience
LUBRICATION = not necessary

This technique does require you to be very horny.  The technique works very well when you haven't
masturbated in a couple of days because it often helps prolong the time it takes before ejaculation.

Start masturbating in any way comfortable. Then when  you are about to ejaculate, stop for a few seconds.
When you start up again, don't actually let the hand  fully stroke the whole penis. Just concentrate on the jerking off shaft, and be sure to avoid the temptation of stroking the head of the penis. See how close you can get the fingers to the head without actually going all the way.

Some men like to finally go all the way and stroke the head once the ejaculation climax has started.
Some men also like using a mirror or video tape especially when using this method.
If you have masturbated recently, this technique may take too long or it may not work.


penis poking out of the pulpit wanking technique

DIFFICULTY = intermediate

Start to wank (masturbate) in any way comfortable, but poke the penis through a pair of comfortable underwear and pull down
on the bottom of the fabric so that the top of opening causes pressure on the top and base of the penis. This
method will simulate some of that same effects of a penis-ring, except with more mobility.


backhand masturbation

DIFFICULTY = intermediate

This method will require you to position your hand backwards. At first, it feels awkward, but you can use the index finger to stimulate parts you never knew you had.


interlocking grip masturbation method

DIFFICULTY = intermediate-advanced

The illustration on the left only shows the basic method, but this technique can be perfected by moving
the base of each palm in an alternate up and down fashion while moving the whole interlocked grip up and down.
This will cause your interlocked fingers to act almost like hinges.


foreskin grip wanking

DIFFICULTY = intermediate-advanced

Place some of the foreskin between the index finger and middle finger while masturbating. Yes, this can usually still work if you're circumcised.  However, it you are a close cut, it may not.


boxer shorts rub masturbation


In this technique, rub the penis with your knuckle through the fabric of a comfortable pair of boxer shorts  or other underwear.
You can also get a better grip on the testicles with the other hand by using this method. As a variation, try
it with a thicker fabric such as denim or jeans. This can prolong the intensity before orgasm.


upward squeeze masturbation method

DIFFICULTY =  intermediate
LUBRICATION = recommended

This method usually requires lubrication. While holding the base of the penis with one hand, use the other to
squeeze the penis while moving up and over the top of the head.

Tip - By varying the pressure of the grip on the penis, it is possible to extend the period before
ejaculation by squeezing harder for brief periods of time.


downward squeeze masturbation method

DIFFICULTY =  intermediate
LUBRICATION = recommended

This is the reverse direction of technique # 11 and also will require lubrication. Most people notice
a totally different sensation when they squeeze from the top of the penis down to the base.


jacking off with two handes

DIFFICULTY =  intermediate to advanced
LUBRICATION = recommended

This technique is kind of like the motion of milking. The idea is to keep the motion going fast enough as to always have the testicles and/or foreskin all the way up and both hands full all the time. Although, you can go slower for an alternative.


circular masturbation

DIFFICULTY =  intermediate to advanced
LUBRICATION = recommended

For this method, you can simply add circular motion to the up and down motion of various other techniques (whichever you feel most comfortable with). The orgasm is a different experience due to the circular force. This one may require practice to get full results. It is often easier said than done. With enough practice, some people can gain the speed and coordination to whip the penis in such a way that only the circular force is needed to orgasm.


palm, belly and penis sandwitch masturbation

DIFFICULTY =  intermediate to advanced
LUBRICATION = recommended

Here the idea is to hold the penis steady with one hand while stroking it in any comfortable way with the other. This can increase sensitivity. The penis is like the meat sandwiched between the stomach and palm.


packing tape masturbation

not nessessary

This technique requires you to wrap tape around a couple of fingers for a new sensation.  Then jack off as usual.


table hump technique

DIFFICULTY =  may take practice
not necessary

Brace your penis between yourself and a fixed object like a table. Be sure to use your hips and pelvis to create most of the motion.


pole straddle masturbation

DIFFICULTY =  may take practice

In this technique, you gently balance yourself on an object like a small poll or broomstick. During ejaculation, there is an interesting sensation as the anus grips around the object  all by itself. You can also lubricate the object and slide back and forth on it.


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