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 g e n i t a l   h a i r   s t y l e s  


h o m e  

 m e n s   s e x   o r g a n s 

e r o g e n o u s   z o n e s 

   t e s t i c l e s 

  n i p p l e s 

  p e n i s 

  m a l e  a n u  s 

  m a s t u r b a t i o n 

 o r g a s m 

g e n i t a l   h a i r 


male genital hair

genital hair styles

genital hair shaving

genital hair synomyms


  s a f e r   s e x  t i p s 

  M u s c l e b e a r Model 

  p h o to g r a p h e r 

b e a r  m e n  l i n k s 

b e a r m a s t e r 






genital male hair



genital hair styles



massive genital hair



genital  hair  styles

Also some gay men  men shave their intimate area. Bear men are normally very proud of their genital hair and therefore do not shave their genital hair. But if you want to try it,  below some examples of what you can do. "Basic Bikini"? 4X "Brazilian"? May be "Landing Strip" ?;)

Basic Bikini

Removes hair from sides and top of undies line.

Boy-Leg Bikini

In addition to Basic Bikini, also removes hair from the top of the leg, leaving a straight line. Looks great on guys who don't have overly hairy legs.

3X "Brazilian"

As per Basic Bikini, but also removes hair from the scrotum, penis, base of penis shaft, perineum, and bum crack.


A narrow version of the popular Basic 3X. Gives a slimming effect to bigger guys, and also looks stunning beneath a ripped set of abs.


Similar to Basic 3X but leaves the hair intact along the undies line. This style is popular with active people as it reduces the risk of ingrown hairs from chaffing underpants elastic.


Similar to Basic 3X but with a sporty GT stripe look. This style looks great on Asian guys or anyone who has straight pubic hair.

"Landing Strip"

The male version of the ladies' Landing Strip. Traditionally the same width as the penis, this style is synonymous with self-confidence and power.

Wax + Bleach

Available with any 3X Brazilian style. Resultant colour may vary between dark bronze and light blonde depending on your hair's natural pigmentation.

4X "Brazilian"

It all comes off Dude!



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