m a l e 


 g e n i t a l   h a i r   s h a v i n g    


h o m e  

 m e n s   s e x   o r g a n s 

e r o g e n o u s   z o n e s 

   t e s t i c l e s 

  n i p p l e s 

  p e n i s 

  m a l e  a n u  s 

  m a s t u r b a t i o n 

 o r g a s m 

g e n i t a l   h a i r 


male genital hair

genital hair styles

genital hair shaving

genital hair synomyms


  s a f e r   s e x  t i p s 

  M u s c l e b e a r Model 

  p h o to g r a p h e r 

b e a r  m e n  l i n k s 

b e a r m a s t e r 






genital male hair



genital  hair  shaving



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shaving your genital hair

Well we still believe that a real man has to have a hairy penis und testicles. But if you are interested how shaving works. Here some tips.

1. Prepare for scrotum and pubic hair shaving by selecting the best sharp razor and great shaving cream. A shaving cream for sensitive skin works best, and brands like The Art of Shaving, Colgate, and Neutrogena are all options for shaving this area. Choose a new  razor blade on a razor you�re familiar with so there are no surprises.

2. Hop in a steamy shower. Take a full shower before shaving, so the hair gets soft and easier to shave. Get a full lather of shaving cream on the base of your shaft and around it, as well as the scrotum.

3. Start shaving at your shaft. Stroke downwards from the head of your penis and then continue to shave around the upper pubic area. If you�d like a completely clean shaven look, continue to remove all the hair around the shaft as well.

4. Continue to stroke down into the hairline around your testicles, and then carefully shave your testicles with a smooth upward motion.
5. Rinse and dry the area carefully. You�ll want to moisturize your skin afterwards for comfort, and adding a slight dusting of powder can help with any potential chafing.



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