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Male nipples clamps



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Male nipples clamp play



nipple clamps, what are they?
Some nipple clips screw on, the screw mechanism allowing you or your sex partner to provide just the right amount of pressure. Some come wired for attachment to a vibrator for intense erotic sensations. And others are linked by a chain for decoration, or to lead the wearer around by the nipples.

safety tips, or words of caution
Nipple clamps usually restrict the blood flow in the nipple, so watch carefully for skin de-coloration or temperature change. They should not be left on tightly for more than 15 minutes at a time. As �clampers� will attest they often hurt the most at the moment they are taken off. Its also a good idea to keep them clean after each use with soap and water�.the last thing you want is a dirty clamp infecting your nips.

nipple clamps don't have to hurt
"Ouch" Is that your first thought, when someone says "nipple clamp"? I bet you clasp your hands to your chest too! Well, I've got good news for you. Nipple clamps don't have to hurt (unless you really want them to).

A friend of mine loves to have his nipples squeezed & pinched. When I first tried to do this for him, I pinched the tops of his nipples and he found it uncomfortable. He redirected my fingers further back to the base of his nipples and began enjoying himself in earnest. The same goes for nipple clamps. If you place the nipple clamps on the tip of a nipple it will be very painful and the clamp will probably fall off too. However, if you gently pull the nipple forward & place the nipple clamps where the nipple meets the chest, it will be less intense but still enjoyable and sensitive.

take your nipple & squeeze it with one hand. Keep the pressure for a few seconds, and then pop on the clamp with the other hand. Enjoy nipple play.

different types of clamps
If the homemaker inside you says that clothespins will do, you�re right. They�re not adjustable, however. For more careful control, pick up a set of clamps from a sex-toy store. They come tweezer-style, or with screws that allow you to start easy, then increase the squeeze. Go easy, since the sudden return of blood to your nipples when clamps are removed is often more painful that putting them on. For pressure without a lot of pain, try the little suction cups that come in snakebite kits you can get at army-navy stores, or their higher priced erotic-boutique cousins. Overuse of these can cause blistering or even open sores.

So there you have it. Nipple clamps don't have to painful. They can be erotic, beautiful, fun & kinky. They can make nipples feel like heaven, regardless of how small or large your nipples are. Go on - treat yourself to the great range of nipple clamps out there and have fun!


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