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penis  measurement


 how to accurately measure your dick


we all have seen those ads: "hot, hung GWM stud, 9x6" tool seeks..."

...and yet, when the pants come off, we are left wondering where that "hot hung stud" might have left 2 of those 9 inches. It is not uncommon for a man to "guesstimate" the size of his penis now and again. At other times, some men will measure and think, "That CAN'T be accurate! Maybe I've measured inaccurately!" and they seek a starting point that will give them the length they desire ~ something that sounds more "manly". And others will flat out embellish their penis size.

Unfortunately, penis-size inflationary tactics only water down the true value of the figures, so
when one man calls his 6-inch cock an 8-incher, the man with a true and appreciable 7" is
left feeling like the "also ran" next to the man with the 6" penis. Oh, and let no man tell you
he just doesn't know the size of his penis... every man has measured his at
least once in his life, even if inaccurately.

You wouldn't build a house based on whether or not your lumber "looked" like it was eight feet long or so, so why use such improper techniques when assigning a dimension to your most personal and coveted attribute? In order to help eliminate the confusion and hurt feelings caused by this unintentional misrepresentation, we present to you a do-it-yourself guide for measuring your penis correctly.

how to correctly measure your dick


  1. A Ruler or a Tape Measure, American Standard

  2. Your Penis (or the penis of another)

  3. Time

  4. Paper & Pencil



  1. Lubricant (sexual ~ your choice)

  2. An X-Rated Video & playback equipment

  3. A Dirty Magazine or sexually stimulating photos

  4. An Assistant (not necessary, but helpful)



First, take your penis and begin stroking it gently until it becomes fully hard. You may wish to use any of the optional materials available to you to help you get to this stage. Once you have achieved full hardness, take the ruler in one hand, and place the end marked "0" against the point where the top of your penis makes a conjunction with your torso. Point "A", Fig. A & B) Do not press the ruler into your torso. Simply lay it gently along the top of your penis.

Using your pencil, carefully mark on the ruler where the tip of your penis (the part with the hole in it) lines up with the fractional INCH markings (not metric) on the ruler. (Point "B", Figs. A & B). Count to the nearest 1/4", and then write this measurement down on the piece of paper.

If your penis curves in any direction, it would be advisable to use a tape measure
instead of a ruler so it may follow the curve and give you an accurate measure. Figs. A & B)
measuring your dick measuring your dick


incorrect methods of penis measurement

The following photos are examples of incorrect measurement of the penis,
and should not be used to determine penis length.

measuring your dick

Figure 1: Incorrect
Measuring from the balls is a very
popular method of penis measurement. Notice how much extra length is
achieved by measuring from point A instead of point True A. Unfortunately, this method is also incorrect, as the
balls account for no usable length of the penis itself. This type of measurement
should also be avoided.


measuring your dick

Figure 2: Incorrect
Notice how the starting point bears no relationship to the actual "usable" portion of the penis? Also notice the end point is not on the penis at all. This is where many inaccurate penis measurements originate. Remember,
only measure the part of your penis that others can appreciate & enjoy.

Now that you have the basics of penis measuring
"under your belt", have fun with it.
And don't worry if your measurements don't give you a
dimension you think sounds studly...
let your partners be surprised when they find out that it
seems bigger than they imagined it would be!


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