m a l e 


 e r o g e n o u s   z o n e s   


h o m e  

 m e n s   s e x   o r g a n s 

e r o g e n o u s   z o n e s 


basic zones  

first things first -  

scalp and hair -  

 ears -  

lips -  

neck -  

arm pits -  

nipples -  

advanced zones  

inner tights -  

glans head of the penis -  

perineum (between legs) -  

scrotum (ball sack) -  

buttocks and anus -  

the prostate (milking) -  

more -  


   t e s t i c l e s 

  n i p p l e s 

  p e n i s 

  m a l e   a n u s 

  m a s t u r b a t i o n 

 o r g a s m 

g e n i t a l   h a i r 

  s a f e r   s e x  t i p s 

  M u s c l e b e a r Model 

  p h o t o g r a p h e r 

b e a r  m e n  l i n k s 

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Male Erogenous Zones � how to drive your man wild with desire

If you want to learn how to target your partners erogenous zones and please him then this article is for you.

Let�s look at male erogenous zones which are common and some that are not so well known and how to exploit them to give him an experience he will never forget.

first things first
You can target an erogenous zone but the way you target them is also crucial. Keep in mind to show desire passion and variety to show your man you really want him.
Don�t be afraid to take the lead and take control most men will love this!


scalp & hair
The scalp and hair area is a great erogenous zone to target. Also he might not be expecting you to pay attention to this area which adds the element of surprise.
Many men like to have head massages or your nails run through their hair gently.
Some men also like their hair being pulled this indicates you desire and want them! You are also in control and a lot of men find this highly erotic.


Lots of nerve endings are concentrated here and that means plenty of pleasure for your partner. This makes them sensitive to your touch.
Use the pads of your index finger and thumb to massage the outer ears with slow, firm movements. You can also squeeze the earlobes, and then use your tongue to target behind the ear kissing and nibbling.


Lips are highly sensitive and many men like being kissed passionately.
Intense kissing shows your desire and hunger for him which is a massive turn on and he will be lost in the moment of a kiss and wonder what happens next!


his neck
The neck is always a great place to turn on your partner, especially after he has been passionately kissed.  Target different areas of the neck with kisses using the areas under and behind the ears for variety.
Light nibbling and soft bites (be careful not to leave visible bites on exposed parts of the neck though!). Start out gently; you can from gentle to harder and more passionate to really turn him on.


arm pits
To many men, also their arm pits  are a great erogenous zone. Massage his arm pits with your fist from gentle to harder. 


To many men, the chest signifies masculinity and targeting it is a huge turn on and it�s a great erogenous zone. Massage it, kiss it and pay it attention. Most sensitive part are the nipples.


Nipples are very sensitive and should be sucked and nibbled on. Start out gently and then try a harder approach. Watch for his reaction, some men love it rough but not all, so feel your way gently. For some men there nipples are that sensitive that they are able to have an ejaculation only by working there nipples over. In his eyes you will be able to read  how good it feels.


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